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Fundamentals Series:

Lubricant Components Program

Understand how the presence and quality of the most basics components of a lubricant distinguished premium lubricants from the rest. Learn how to explain of the key lubricant components including base oils, lubricant additives, viscosity grades, and grease. A Lubrizol expert will assist you using online simulations, discussions and support.

Fundamentals Series:

Lubricants Equipment Program

Learn to speak confidently and credibility with owners and managers of common types of equipments. A Lubrizol expert guides you through the basics of equipment and its lubrication including the basics of gear operation, operation of diesel and gasoline engines, hydraulic systems and automatic transmissions.

CLS™ Development Series:


Reinforce your knowledge of how engines operate and are lubricated. This program provides a more in depth look at the lubrication of small gasoline and diesel engines, such as, those used in passenger cars, motorcycles and ATV. It explains the API system and the two current categories CI-4 and CJ-4.

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Recent News

Announcing the updated Lubrizol Ready Reference

Updated Ready Reference Manuals are now available. The manuals were recently updated in November 2012…

Lubrizol Education

Lubrizol K2M is proud to announce our certification as an authorized provider of Continuing Education Units from the International Association for Continuing Education and Training.

Lubrication Fundamentals DVD available in both English and Spanish

Today's more sophisticated vehicles and machines demand more advanced lubricants.

Lubrication Fundamentals DVD DVD available in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Order your copy today! Learn more.